Ms. Tomoko Inazumi

Tomoko Inazumi
Tomoko Inazumi
Japanese and European patent attorney

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Tomoko Inazumi is a distinguished Japanese patent attorney and European patent attorney and is exceptional in holding both qualifications.

She has attained B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from Kobe University and began her career as a systems engineer with Fujitsu Corporation. She started her career as a patent engineer in 1993 in Japan, and widened her territory as a patent practitioner into Europe in 2007. She contributed to the establishment of the first Global IP Europe in 2009.

Areas of specialisation:

  • Electronics, including computer programs, semiconductor materials, opto-electronics, flat panel displays, laser apparatuses, image processing, data input apparatuses, information apparatuses, air-conditioning apparatuses, electronic appliances, sensors and control circuits
  • Mechanics including weighing machines, packaging machines, automotive engineering, exhaust gas test stands and tires

Since 1993 until now, Tomoko Inazumi has been handling the prosecution of applications, including drafting applications from scratch, replying to official communications, oppositions, appeal cases, patent disputes and contracts. Her multi-cultural legal background has helped her when handling litigation and negotiation cases for global patent families and when preparing contracts for companies having multiple business places around the world.

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